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Remember SYSTANE®.  Forget Dry Eye.™

SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops...a revolution in dry eye care. SYSTANE® is the first artificial tear clinically proven to reduce both signs and symptoms of dry eye.

SYSTANE® offers all dry eye sufferers immediate and lasting relief of the most distressing symptoms—the perfect remedy for putting dry eye out of sight, out of mind.

In a head-to-head study1, SYSTANE® was found to be statistically superior to REFRESH TEARS* in reducing symptoms of:

  • Morning dryness
  • End-of-day dryness
  • Foreign body sensation

Try SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops and experience the lasting comfort and protection that make dry eye easy to forget.

  1. Christensen MT, Cohen S, Rinehart J, Akers F, Pemberton B, Bloomenstein M, Lesher M, Kaplan D, Meadows D, Meuse P, Hearn C, Stein JM. Clinical evaluation of an HP-guar gellable lubricant eye drop for the relief of dryness of the eye. Curr Eye Res. 2004. Jan;28(1):55-62.
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